Vibe Ball

4-step adjustable vibrating massage ball
Ari-Gym Vibe Ball

Vibration massage vibe ball anywhere

The ARI-Gym four-stage vibrating vibrator is compact in size and easy to carry.
Relieve muscle massage and muscle fatigue from home, office, and outdoor activities.

How to use the ARI-Gym Portable Vibration Vibrating Ball.

ARI-Gym Portable Vibration Vibrating Ball Features

4-step adjustment Vibrating massage ball
In four stages of vibration mode With the desired vibration Custom exercise is possible.

Convenient to carry Compact vibrating massage ball
Size fits in one hand With a light weight of 318g It is convenient to carry.

For charging
Vibrating massage ball
KC certified charger included
Safer and more convenient to use.

Auto power off function
Auto power off after 10 minutes
With auto on / off function
Accurate exercise time is available.

How to exercise ARI-Gym vibrating massage ball.

Back waist massage exercise

Leg massage exercise1

Leg massage exercise2

Shoulder and chest massage exercises.

Armpit and flank massage exercises.

Abdominal and intestinal massage exercises.

Foot sole massage exercise and thigh outside massage exercise.


Size 9cm
Weight 318g
Color Black
Material silicon