Ari-Gym Tubing Kit

We know sitting for a long time.
Unconsciously crumbling posture,
This causes physical fatigue.
You have a hard posture, and can’t you stretch?

With Ari-Gym Core Fit Ball and Tubing Kit, I do the right posture and stretch as cool as I want.

Gym ball is used for various purposes such as stretching, fitness, yoga, Pilates, and so on.

Recently, the gym chair has attracted attention for balancing the sitting position and body.
Increasingly, gymnasium chairs have been introduced to schools and offices in many countries, including the United States and Europe.

* The lower linkage and tubing band are not assembled.
* The color of the product may look different depending on the resolution of the monitor.

How to assemble the tubing kit.
Easy way to do it alone

Connect the link and tubing band.

Hook the tubing band connected to the Ari-Gym Core Fit Ball bottom support.

Exercise using tubing
Please refer to the manual for detailed exercise instructions.

Hammer Curls

Hold the handle with your palm facing you.
Fix your elbow to your side,
Slowly raise and lower the tubing forward.

* Keep your elbows out of the way.

Lateral raise

Hold the handle with your palm facing you.
Slowly lift the tubing to either side until both shoulders are parallel.

* Do not raise tubing above shoulder height.

Chest fly

Lay down on the Core Fit Ball, hold the tubing handle so that your elbows are on the floor,
open your arms slightly bent and pull the tubing until both hands cross.
* Make sure your elbows are not bent or stretched further.

Please check the product.

Cutting sections, seams, etc. are natural phenomena during the manufacturing process,
and dust may adhere well to the surface due to the characteristics of TPE and latex materials during packaging.
This is not a defective or ripper product.

Product composition

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